Enerpower battery module 1S6P 3.2V 24Ah (76.80Wh) 165 x 65 x 30 mm

Enerpower Akkumodul 1S6P 3,2V 24Ah (76,80Wh) 165 x 65 x 30 mm
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Product number: 11379
Manufacturer: ENERpower
Product information "Enerpower battery module 1S6P 3.2V 24Ah (76.80Wh) 165 x 65 x 30 mm "
ENERpower 1S6P battery module LiFePo4 3.2V 24Ah (1C) lithium iron phosphate
We understand the term battery module to mean a preliminary stage of battery assembly, in which several battery cells are configured either in parallel (P), in series (S), or in series and parallel.
Our modules are welded into plastic cell brackets for increased stability and security. For this we use pure nickel (no nickel plating like Hilumin).These modules are not a finished battery, because important components such as a protective circuit, insulation, cables, etc. are still missing from this product.
These modules are suitable for customers who want to use our modules for further assembly of a battery system.The technical data of the modules are based on the manufacturer's data sheets and the technical data of the connection material (7 mm pure nickel)
Technical specifications
  • Chemistry: LiFePo4
  • Configuration: 1S6P
  • Brand: Enerpower
  • Manufacturer of the battery cells: Heter
  • UL: MH48108
  • Name of the battery cell: HDCFR26650-4000mAh-3.2V
  • Rated voltage: 3.2V
  • End-of-discharge voltage: 2.5V
  • End-of-charge voltage: 3.6V
  • Maximum charging current: 20A
  • Capacity: 24Ah
  • Continuous load (in amps): 1C (up to 20A)
  • Internal resistance: <30mΩ
  • Weight: 535 grams
  • Dimensions: 165x65x30
  • Protection circuit: NONE
  • Cycle-Life: 2000 full cycles (100% DOD) / 4000 full cycles (80% DOD) / 6000 full cycles (60% DOD)
Akku-Konfiguration: 1S1P
Akkuchemie: LiFePO4
Akkukapazität (Bereich): Less than 5Ah
Akkuspannung: 3,2V
Battery Cell: 26650

The use of well-known brand-name batteries, our own production technology, high safety standards and the unbeatable seal of German quality all serve to justify the excellent reputation of ENERpower brand products. Whether it concerns batteries or chargers, the ENERpower brand guarantees you quality, performance, safety, and long lifespan.

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