About Us

ENERdan: we bring positiv Energy!

In today's fast-paced, mobile, wireless world, portable solutions play a central role in our daily lives. Our mobile phones, digital cameras, notebooks, medical devices, and modern electric vehicles (EVs) demand lightweight and reusable power sources. With decades of experience in battery and charging technology, ENERdan GmbH offers a complete range of products and services for telecommunications, wireless terminals, medical devices, as well as electric and light electric vehicles (LEV).

Our professional team supports the realization of individual customer requirements for batteries and chargers. Together with global partner companies, we provide our customers with a comprehensive process of conception, design, prototype development and construction, manufacturing, and production in small and large series. In the service sector, ENERdan GmbH operates a modern Battery Service Center with years of experience and expertise in battery maintenance across various battery technologies. Our competent team ensures the quality of our products and services. All purchased components undergo rigorous quality controls in our laboratory and are certified by CE, UL, and CUL (in accordance with RoHS directive regulations). We are committed to a clean and sustainable environment, so our product range includes only high-quality and high-performance products from reputable brands.

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