Softpack Battery 6S 21.6V-22.2V 25Ah BMS 20A 10x3 XLR-3

ENERpower Softpack 22,2V 6S5P 25Ah BMS 20A 3XLR 10x3


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Product number: 10803
Manufacturer: ENERpower
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Softpack Battery 6S 21.6V-22.2V 25Ah BMS 20A 10x3 XLR-3 Connector: XT90
Charger 6S 2A
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Product information "Softpack Battery 6S 21.6V-22.2V 25Ah BMS 20A 10x3 XLR-3"

ENERpower soft-pack battery 21.6V-22.2V in format 6S5P | Capacity 25Ah | for DIY | with Samsung SDI INR21700-50E

Important General Information

The 6S batteries (21.6V - 22.2V) in softpack are manufactured in Berlin, and assembled in cell holders made of plastic. Charging is done with a 3-pin charging plug (XLR-3), discharging via a discharge cable with XT-90 connector (male). A fuse of 30A in a waterproof holder limits the current drain.
The BMS (Battery Management System) is always mounted on the longest side of the battery. At this point, the battery is about 10 to 15 mm thicker.

The softpack batteries are assembled with FR4 insulation, which is made of flame retardant composite materials and consists of epoxy resin and glass fiber fabric. FR-4 is used i.a. as an electrically non-conductive substrate in electrical circuit boards.
Suitable for Devices with up to 430 Watt consumption.


  • High-quality production - Made in Germany
  • Production Just-In-Time
  • 20A BMS with an integrated passive balancer and protection against overcharge, over-discharge, over-discharge (temperature monitoring)
  • Direct from the manufacturer
  • Rechargeable - After 300 charging cycles, still maintains 80% of the original capacity
  • No memory effect - charge the battery whenever you want
  • Environmentally friendly in accordance with EU Directive 2002/95 / EC (RoHS)

Technical Specifications

  • Li-ion cell: Samsung SDI INR21700-50E
  • Voltage (nominal): 21.6V-22.2V
  • Capacity: 25Ah
  • Power: approx. 550 Wh
  • Configuration: 6S5P
  • Construction: 10 x 3
  • Internal resistance: < 90 mOhm
  • Charging voltage: 25.2V
  • End-o-fdischarge voltage: 18V
  • Continuous discharge current: 20A = 430 watts
  • Weight: Approx. 2.35 kg.


  • Length: 230 mm Length
  • Width: 72-85 mm (side with BMS)
  • Height: 72 mm
Akku-Konfiguration: 6S5P
Akkuchemie: Li-Ion
Akkukapazität (Bereich): More than 20Ah
Akkuspannung: 21,6V-22,2V
BMS: 20A
Battery Cell: INR21700-50E
Softpack-Ausführung: Rectangular

The use of well-known brand-name batteries, our own production technology, high safety standards and the unbeatable seal of German quality all serve to justify the excellent reputation of ENERpower brand products. Whether it concerns batteries or chargers, the ENERpower brand guarantees you quality, performance, safety, and long lifespan.

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