2A Atnen Charger 42V DCJ 5.5 mm for 36V Batteries Li-Ion (DB, GS, UL)

Atnen schnelles Ladegerät CCCV 85W (42V / 2A Ladestrom)
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Product number: 420200
Manufacturer: Atnen
Product information "2A Atnen Charger 42V DCJ 5.5 mm for 36V Batteries Li-Ion (DB, GS, UL)"

Atnen fast charger CCCV 85W (42V / 2A charging current) for 36V eBike batteries, powered by Enerpower.

Atnen Chargers are known for being very efficient and very safe. They are smaller and lighter in comparison to competitors products and are certified in many countries (UL, cUL, PSE, KCC, GS, CCC)


  • Overcurrent, short circuit and reverse polarity protection
  • Safety standards: UL1310, EN60335
  • GS (tested safety) and UL approved
  • Protection class: IP20
  • CCCV - Constant current & Constant voltage - the right way to charge Li-ion batteries
  • 85W output power (up to 3A + 10% output current)
  • Simple and safe handling (plug-and-play)
  • High quality and long life
  • LED indicator (red / green)

Technical Details


  • Voltage: AC 100-264V
  • Input Current: 2A (Max.)


  • 42V DC 2A

Safety Measures

  • Over current protection: < 2.3A
  • Short circuit protection: constant
  • Reverse polarity protection


  • IEC 61558-1:2005
  • IEC 61558-:2005/AMD1:2009
  • IEC 61558-2-16:2009
  • IEC 61558-2-16:2009/AMD1:2013

Compatible with (i.a.)

  • Ansmann
  • Mifa
  • Rex
  • Prophete
  • Aldi
  • Lidl
Ausgangsspannung: 42V (for batteries 36V)
Ausgangsstrom: 2A
Kompatibilität: Li-ion Batteries
Steckverbinder: DC Round Plug 5.5mm / 2.1mm
Typ des Ladegeräts: Desktop Charger

Atnen Technology Co., Ltd was founded  in 2014 in Shenzhen, China. The company specializes in the development, production and marketing of Li-Ion chargers.
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