Enerpower Reention 21700 Bike-Frame Battery empty Polly-DP-4C Jericho (10S) 40 Cells

Enerpower 36V Reention Leer Polly-DP-4C Jericho 21700 (10S) 40 Cells
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Product number: 10611
Manufacturer: ENERpower
Product information "Enerpower Reention 21700 Bike-Frame Battery empty Polly-DP-4C Jericho (10S) 40 Cells "

This Hailong Reention from Type Jericho case is a case to be mounted on the bike’s frame. The case comes with plastic cell brackets (cavity) with space for 40 21700 Li-ion battery cells. Charging is via a Zenith 3-Pins connector. The LED display is suitable for 13S batteries.

possible configurations: 10S1P-10S4P


  • Length: approx. 368 mm
  • Width: 95 mm
  • Height: 103 mm


1. this is only the empty housing for Hailong Jericho The self-mounting bracket of the frame battery or Downtube battery.

2. In order to charge this case you would require an adapter XLR-3 to Zenith 3-Pins connector

Akku-Konfiguration: 10S4P
Akkuchemie: Li-Ion
Akkuspannung: 36V
Gehäuse (Hailong): Reention Jericho DP-4C

The use of well-known brand-name batteries, our own production technology, high safety standards and the unbeatable seal of German quality all serve to justify the excellent reputation of ENERpower brand products. Whether it concerns batteries or chargers, the ENERpower brand guarantees you quality, performance, safety, and long lifespan.

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