Modiary MDA269 Li-Ion Charger (42V) for 36V Batteries – 6A XLR-3 Pins (250W)

68.00 Inc. 19% Vat.

High quality Li-ion charger for Li-ion batteries 36V wit XLR-3-pins and output current of 6A.

With this 250W charger from Modiary you extend the lifespan of your rechargeable batteries. Cheap chargers charge batteries without CC/CV and usually not up to 4.2V / 42V. As a result, the battery is not fully charged, and in the long run it reduces the lifespan of the battery in up to 30%!

Saving on a charger will eventually cost you more!

Highlights / Technical Details

  • Cable Length: approx. 100 cm
  • Output: 6A
  • Plug: XLR-3 Pins
  • Input: 100 – 240V AC
  • Manufacturer: Modiary
  • Brand: Modiary
  • Model: MDA269-XLR-3
  • CC/CV with End-of-Charge Voltage of 42V + 0.2V
  • Suitable for Li-ion batteries 36V (e.g. eBike batteries)
  • GS – tested safety according to § 21 ProdSG (corresponds with regard to the protection of the safety and health of persons)
  • Efficiency: approx. 85%
  • Power: 250W


  • Over-Current Protection: < 6.5A
  • Short-Circuit Protection: 3.5W
  • Reversed Polarity Protection

Compatibility e.g.

This charger is compatible with all Li-ion battery packs 10S with 36V (e.g. eBike batteries), which use an XLR-3 plug and can be charged with a charge-current of 6A.