Modiary 12V Li-Ion-Charger (42V) for 36V Batteries with Round Plug (85W)

35.00 Inc. 19% Vat.

High quality Li-ion charger 12V => 42V for Li-ion batteries 36V with a DC round plug 5.5 mm / 2.1 mm.
For charging 36V batteries in the car or mobile home.

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With this 85W, 12V charger from Modiary you can easily charge your ebike battery using the 12V cigarettes lighter in your car or caravan/mobile home.

This charger with a DC Round Plug 5.5mm / 2.1mm fits 36V batteries with a similar connection from e.g. TranzX and Winora (among others).

Highlights / Technical Details

  • Cable length: ca. 100 cm
  • Output: 2A / 85 Watt
  • Plug: DC Round Plug 5.5mm / 2.1mm
  • Input:  12V DC 10A (Max.)
  • Manufacturer: Modiary
  • Brand: Modiary
  • CC/CV with End-of-Charge voltage of 42V + 0.2V
  • Charges Li-ion batteries of 36V
  • GS – certified safety standards according to § 21 ProdSG
  • Efficiency: approx. 85%
  • Energy: 85W


  • Over-current protection: <2.8A
  • Short-circuit protection: 3.5W
  • Reversed-polarity protection

Compatibility i.a.

This charger is compatible with 36V batteries from many bike-rack battery brands such as Mifa, Prophete, Phylion and Hailong I.