ENERpower Li-ion 18650 Battey Pack RE10S3P 36V 8.7Ah (29E)

135.00 125.00 Inc. 19% Vat.

Battery block 10S3P without BMS with Samsung INR18650-29E (36V / 8.7 Ah)

We build the battery-block with FR4-isolation, flame resistant and flame-retarding  composite materials from Epoxidharz and  fiberglass cloth.
FR4 is used among others as non-conducting base-material for printed circuits.


  • High quality assembly with battery-cells holders made of fiberglass – Made in Germany de
  • Assembly Just-In-Time with fresh cells.
  • No protection circuit available. Plus and minus are explicitly marked (no BMS!!!)
  • Samsung INR18650-29E Li-ion cells –> 30A
  • Direct from the manufacturer.
  • Rechargeable – preserve ca. 80% of its original capacity even after 300 charging cycles.
  • No memory effect – charge your battery whenever you want.
  • Environmental friendly according to EU-Guidelines 2002/95/EG (RoHS)

Technical Details

  • Li-ion cells: Samsung INR18650-29E
  • Voltage (nominal): 36V (37V)
  • Capacity: 8.7Ah
  • Energy: ca. 313Wh
  • Configuration: 10S3P
  • Charging voltage: 42V
  • Charging current (max.): 5A
  • Charging current (recommended): 3A
  • End-of-discharge voltage: 25V
  • Continuous discharging current (maximal): 30A (1080W)
  • Continuous charging current (recommended): 20A (720W)
  • Operation temeratures: 0 – 40°C (discharging & charging)
  • Format: 10 x 3
  • Dimensions: ca. 200 x 60 x 66 mm (L x B x H)