ENERpower eBike Battery 48V (13S) 10.2Ah Frog

295.00 272.00 Inc. 19% Vat.

ENERpower Frog Battery  48V 10.2Ah with holder, for ebikes and Pedelecs.


  • High quality  – Made in Germany
  • Assembly Just-In-Time
  • BMS with integrated balancer
  • BMS with protection against overcharge, deep discharge, overdischarge (Temperature-control)
  • Samsung INR18650-35E –> 30A continuous load
  • Direct from the manufaturer
  • Rechargable – even after 300 charging cycles 80% of the original capacity is still available.
  • No memory-effect – charge the battery whenever you want
  • Weight: approx. 2.30 Kg
  • Environmen friendly according to EU-guidlines 2002/95/EG (RoHS)

Technische Daten

  • Li-Ion cell: Samsung INR18650-35E
  • Voltage (nominal): 48V (46.8V – 48.1V)
  • Capacity: 10.20Ah
  • Energy: ca. 490Wh
  • Configuration: 13S3P
  • Internal resistance: < 75 mOhm
  • Charging voltage: 54.6V
  • End-of-discharge voltage: 39V
  • Continuous discharge current: 15A
  • 10 Min. discharge current: 18A
  • 5 seconds discharge current: 35A


48V battery systems, which operate with 13S (46.8V – 48.1V)

Weight 2.6 kg


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