ENERpower Bike-Frame Battery Case Hailong plus Downtube for 48V 13S5P

39.99 Inc. 19% Vat.

ENERpower Bike-Frame Battery Housing Hailong PLUS Downtube for 48V 13S empty. DIY

ENERpower Empty housing/Case Hailong Plus SSE-086 with space for 65 Li-ion battery cells 18650 excl. holder. Fits only for 48V (13S) configurations with a custom fuel gauge indicator.

Important General Information

This Hailong Pro case is a housing to be mounted on the bike’s frame. The housing comes with plastic cell brackets with space for 65 18650 Li-ion battery cells. Charging is via a DC jack (round plug). The LED display is suitable for 13S batteries.

Possible configurations: 13S1P-13S5P


  • Length: approx. 365 mm
  • Width: 90 mm
  • Height: 110 mm

ATTENTION: this is only the empty housing for Hailong Plus The self-mounting bracket of the frame battery or Downtube battery.