ENERpower Case Li-Ion Battery 24V (25.9V) 20Ah Pedelec eBike Golf-Trolly DIY – 25R

255.00 Inc. 19% Vat.

ENERpower li-ion battery DIY 24V (25.9V) from own assembly in a plastic case, to be used in a variety of domestic applications, as well as a replacement battery for Pedelecs, eBikes, golf trolleys etc.

Important general information

This 24V (25.9V) battery in a plastic-case is 175X175X105 mm large and weigh about 3.2 kg. We assemble it in configuration of 7S8P with different 18650 li-ion cells from branded battery cells from Samsung SDI, LG Chem and Sony.

Charging is done with a DC round plug 5.5 mm /2.5 mm. Discharging is done with an XT90 plug with 30A protection.


  • High quality assembly- Made in Germany 
  • Assembly Just-In-Time – only fresh new cells!
  • BMS with an integrated passive balancer, and with protection against overcharge, deep discharge, over discharge (temperature control)
  • Direct from the manufacturer
  • Rechargeable – preserves 80% of the original capacity even after 300 charging cycles
  • No memory effect – charge the battery whenever you want!
  • Weight: 3.2 Kg.

Technical Details

  • Li-Ion-Cell: see title of the item
  • Voltage (nominal): 24V (25.9V)
  • Capacity: 20Ah (25R) / 22.80Ah (NC1) / 24Ah (30Q) / 27.60 (MJ1)
  • Configuration: 7S8P
  • Dimensions: 175 mm x 175 mm x 105 mm
  • Internal resistance: < 75 mOhm
  • Charging voltage: 29.4V
  • Cut-of-voltage: 21V
  • Continuous discharge current: 20A = 500W
  • 10 min. discharge current: 25A = 625W
  • 5 sec. discharge current: 35A = 875W
  • Charging: DC Round Plug 5.5 mm / 2.5 mm
  • Discharging: Cable with protection 30A with XT90 high-current plug connector.
Weight 3.2 kg
Dimensions 17.5 × 17.5 × 10.5 cm