ENERpower+ Li-Ion-Battery 3.6V 3450mAh 35E

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Li-Ion battery 18650 Button-Top 3.6V-3.7V  | capacity 3450 mAh | PCB 8A-9A | 35E cells... di più
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Li-Ion battery 18650 Button-Top 3.6V-3.7V  | capacity 3450 mAh | PCB 8A-9A | 35E cells from Samasung.


  • Original battery cells from Samsung INR18650-35E, 3450 mAh  - with PCB 7A-8A
  • Button-Top
  • Rechargeable
  • Developed espcially for LED-torchlights, compatible with torchlights from Lupine, My Tiny Sun i.a.
  • Energy storage capacity for a long term
  • After 300 charging cycles still maintains about 80% of the original capacity
  • IC Protection / PCB 7A-8A with protection against short circuits, overcharge and deep discharge
  • No memory effect – charge your battery whenever you want
  • Environmentally friendly in accordance with EU Directive 2002/95 / EC (RoHS)
  • High-quality cells with long life and high cycle stability

Technical Details

  • Min capacity: 3350 mAh
  • Typ. capacity: 3450 mAh
  • Weight: approx. 50 g.
  • Length: 69 mm +/- 0.2mm
  • Diameter: 18.9 mm +/- 0.1 mm

In the Package

1 x Protected ENERpower+ 18650 Button-Top battery, 3450 mAh (Samsung INR18650-35E)
tensione della batteria: 3,6V-3,7V
Chimica della batteria: Li-Ion
Capacità della batteria (autonomia): Sotto i 5Ah
Configurazione della batteria: 1S1P
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