Battery case 24V 90Ah BMS 60A with 50E (1500 Watt)

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ENERpower battery case 24V in format 7S18P | 2250Wh | capacity 90Ah | for Pedelecs, eBikes,... altro
Informazione prodotto "Battery case 24V 90Ah BMS 60A with 50E (1500 Watt)"

ENERpower battery case 24V in format 7S18P | 2250Wh | capacity 90Ah | for Pedelecs, eBikes, Maschines DIY | with Samsung 50E.

General Information

Manufactured in a plastic case (285x120x390 mm) we offer 3 different 24V (7S) Li-Ion batteries with 1350Wh (54Ah), 1875Wh (75Ah) and 2250Wh (90Ah) from our own production.

The batteries are manufactured with the INR21700-30T, INR18650-35E and INR21700-50E Li-Ion battery cells from Samsung SDI and controlled by a 60A Smart BMS (Battery Management System).

The Li-Ion battery cells from Samsung SDI, the world's largest manufacturer, impress with their performance, lower weight and safety.

This battery is suitable for 24V electric motors with a total output of up to 1500 watts.

A charge level indicator shows at any time in percent how full (or empty) the battery is.

In this battery system we have a Weipu Bayonet IP67 connector for charging (up to 20A) and an Anderson high-current connector for discharging with an on/off switch you can easily connect the power supply without disconnecting the battery from the consumer.

On / off switch

The batteries can be easily switched on and off using a switch

BMS (Battery Management System)

This series of batteries is manufactured with a Smart BMS with 30A continuous load (for 24V motors up to 720 watts). A Smart BMS is digitally programmed and controlled in comparison to an analog BMS. Monitoring of voltage (overcharge and deep discharge), current (overdischarge) and temperature are more accurate. The passive balancer is also easier to control.

scope of application

We have developed this series of batteries for light electric vehicles such as electric rickshaw, electric cargo bikes, electric boats, machines in the industrial sector etc.

Compatible with 24V motors

250 watts / 500 watts / 750 watts / 1000 Watts / 1250 Watts / 1500 Watts


    High quality production - Made in Germany
    Manufacturing just-in-time
    Smart BMS with an integrated passive balancer
    Direct from the manufacturer
    Rechargeable - Still 80% of its original capacity after 500 charging cycles
    No memory effect - charge the battery whenever you want
    Environmentally friendly according to EU directive 2002/95 / EG (RoHS)

Technical specifications

    Li-ion cell: Samsung SDI INR21700-50E
    Voltage (nominal): 24V (25.2V - 25.9V)
    Capacity: 90Ah
    Energy: approx. 2250 Wh
    Configuration: 7S18P
    Charging voltage: 29.4V
    Final discharge voltage: 21V
    Charging current (max.): 20A
    Continuous discharge current: 60A = 1500 Watts
    Weight: approx. 10 Kg.
    Dimensions: 285 x 120 x 390 mm
    Shop: Weipu
    Discharge connector: Anderson RS


tensione della batteria: 24V
Chimica della batteria: Li-Ion
Celle : INR21700-50E
la potenza del motore: Bis 1500 Watt
corrente di uscita: 60A
Connettori: Anderson RS
Capacità della batteria (autonomia): 90Ah-100Ah
BMS: 60A
Configurazione della batteria: 7S18P
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