Battery 13S3P No BMS 48V 10,35Ah 35E in Cavity

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Important Information This 48V (46,8V-48,1V) Li-Ion battery pack is assembled in cell... plus
Informations produit "Battery 13S3P No BMS 48V 10,35Ah 35E in Cavity"

Important Information

This 48V (46,8V-48,1V) Li-Ion battery pack is assembled in cell holders (cavity) in Berlin.

This battery is spot weldied with Li-Ion battery cells in series and parallel connection without protection components such as BMS (Battery Management System), or the like.

The battery pack is therefore a preliminary stage of an assembly and can be further assembled (BMS, Balancer, etc.)
Our battery packs are assembled in cell holders or in prefabricated plastic cavities, so that the battery cells have space to release the resulting heat. The heat affects the life span of a battery enormously (after our experience of many years, the life span with battery assembly without cell holders reduces by approx. 25% - 30% within one year.

We use either pure nickel fixture, or 7 mm pure nickel welding wires as the connecting material to reduce the resistance (Spot-welding).

We additionally protect the battery packs or the open contacts with Kapton tape.

In the pictures we show how such a battery pack looks like. We assemble in this format with different battery cells.

We recommend that buyers of this product either mount a BMS or a balancer connector.

Technical  Information

  • Battery: Samsung SDI INR18650-35E
  • Voltage (nominal): 48V
  • Charging Voltage: 54,6V
  • Cut-Off-Voltage: 39V
  • Charging (Max.): 5A (0.5C)
  • Charging (recommended): 3A (0.3C)
  • Discharge (Max.): 25A
  • Discharge (recommended): 15A




Length: 240 mm


Width: 60 - 80 mm


Height: 66 mm


tension de la batterie: 48V
Chimie des batteries: Li-Ion
Capacité de la batterie : 10Ah - 15Ah
BMS: aucun
Configuration de la batterie: 13S3P
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