Production / Delivery

Dear Customers,

we manufacture many of our products ourselves in Berlin. To be able to offer you a wide range of products and at the same time attractive prices, we must use our production resources economically.

For this reason, many of our products (mainly ENERpower batteries) are not put into production until we have an order for them.

In this case you will find next to the article the following note:

Delivery time approx. 5 working days (for batteries: 10-15 days)

Sometimes, when we have a large order for a particular product, we take the opportunity and make even more of the same battery type. In that case you will find the following note:

Ready to ship today, Delivery time approx. 1-3 workdays.

For purchased products that we do not make ourselves, or only partially, we will use the estimated available date, as in this example:

This product will be released at 15.09.2019

Thank you for your understanding

Your ENERprof team