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ENERpower LiFePo4 24V (25.6V) 10Ah replaces 2 x lead-acid 12V Batteries
ENERpower LiFePo4 24V (25.6V) 10Ah replaces 2 x...
Our selection of LiFePo4 batteries is ideal as a lightweight and long-lasting replacement for lead batteries (lead acid). With a much lighter weight, rugged tension and long lifespan (approx. 2000 charge cycles), this lithium technology...
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Important Notice Regarding Manufacturing and Delivery Time

Dear customers,

we manufacture many of our products ourselves in our production center in Berlin, Germany. So that we can offer you a wide range of products and attractive prices at the same time, we must use our manufacturing resources economically.

For this reason, we only go into production for many of our products (mainly ENERpower batteries) when we have an order for them.

We need more time for production, especially for bicycle batteries, electric boat batteries and energy storage. The range of 10-15 working days should also take into account during times of public holidays, but also the increased seasonal demand.

Thank you for your understanding.

Your ENERprof team

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