ENERpower Aristoteles portable LiFePO4 generator 1280 Wh / 1920 Wh / 2560 Wh

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Aristoteles: 12V Battery LiFepo4:

Aristoteles: Meanwell inverter:

Aristoteles: Charger 14.4V:

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Product information "ENERpower Aristoteles portable LiFePO4 generator 1280 Wh / 1920 Wh / 2560 Wh"

ENERpower to the People!

ENERpower Aristoteles portable LiFePO4 generator 1280 Wh / 1920 Wh / 2560 Wh


Aristotle, the Greek polymath (384 BC) defined a synergy effect as “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.

We named our new, more portable LiFePO4 generator after him, because according to his understanding, we built our portable generator with three separate main components. Together, the result is an overall system that has no comparable products on the market. Packed in two carrying cases, you will receive a new type of portable energy supply that is based on the quality and performance of each individual component (battery, inverter and charger).

Target group: for whom did we develop the product?

The Aristotle generator is a powerful energy supplier that works silently and odorless. When it comes to putting hungry electrical devices into operation independently of the power grid, you've come to the right place. Whether you own a mobile home, a house on a boat, a dacha, or are a handyman, our product can meet your personal requirements and needs. Wherever comparable products fail because of their performance, Aristotle can solve many problems.

Principle I: the modification

Our product can be modified by the customer so that it corresponds to the operational requirements of almost every individual. You can choose from three different high-quality 12V (12.8V) LiFePO4 batteries with 100Ah (1.28KWh), 150Ah (1.92KWh) and 200Ah (2.56KWh), three powerful DC / AC inverters from the Meanwell brand (pure sine wave ) with 400 watts, 700 watts and 1000 watts, as well as three chargers with 15A, 20A and 30A charging current.

Principle II: 1 + 1 + 1> 3

Many competitor products integrate the battery, inverter and various output sockets such as USB, 12V car etc. into one device. Such a product can offer a lot from a single source, but technically such products are very limited. Either the capacity is too low or the inverter is very weak. With our product, we want to focus on the strength of the individual components and offer a high-performance product that can do much more. This principle is similar to the structure of a high-quality stereo system with selected and separate individual components.

Principle III: the environment

We would like to offer a product that can be easily resolved in the event of a complaint. Each component stands for itself and can easily be exchanged. The high quality of the individual components with well-known brands such as Meanwell, Fuyuang and QQE not only creates transparency, but is demonstrably more sustainable than the integration of various components in a closed product

Principle IV: simple and robust design

Our goal when designing this product was to be easy to use with a long service life. We have therefore only designed our product for a 230V output and integrated a simple connection system between the battery and the inverter.

Various devices can be operated via the inverter using an additional extension cable and depending on the output power of the inverter. The simple and robust design should extend the service life and reduce possible defects.

Our component:

Our batteries: power and durability

Our LiFePO4 batteries have 100Ah, 150Ah and 200Ah and are manufactured with a Smart BMS. You can view the status of the battery in real time via a charge level indicator as well as via a Bluetooth app. The Battery Management System (BMS) can allow output currents of up to 120A, so that inverters with high output power (1000 watts) can also be connected

Our DC / AC inverters: Quality from Meanwell

Meanwell is one of the leading manufacturers of inverters worldwide. The inverters are pure-sine-wave (pure sine wave) and are suitable for all devices. Due to the high efficiency of Meanwell, the heat loss remains quite low compared to competitive products. In our product range, we rely on a 400 watt, 700 watt and 1000 watt inverter. The decision as to which inverter to purchase depends on the total consumption of your devices

Our chargers: fast and safe

We have three chargers with 15A output (250 watts), 20A output (300 watts) and 30A output (500 watts) so that you can charge the batteries quickly and safely if necessary. A 200Wh battery is completely full in about seven hours with the 30A charger.

Since the charging process is the "risky" one with batteries, we decided to use chargers from Fuyuang and QQE, which are known for their quality and performance

Suitcases from Auer: Quality Made-In-Germany

We deliver our product in 2 protective cases from Auer. The protective case Pro from AUER Packaging protects sensitive content even in extreme situations. Whether under water or at lofty heights: Thanks to the integrated pressure compensation valve and the robust design, the protective case can withstand even the greatest loads and temperature differences

Technical Datasheet:

Pls. refer to the Flyer we have placed under Available downloads on the page

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ENERpower LiFePO4 12V (12.8V) 200Ah 2560Wh ENERpower LiFePO4 12V (12.8V) 200Ah 2560Wh
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