ENERpower ECD-500 Energy Storage Unit 20Ah 500Wh

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ENERpower to the People! ENERpower ECD-500 Enormous Power Storage / Power Bank / Li-Ion... more
Product information "ENERpower ECD-500 Energy Storage Unit 20Ah 500Wh"

ENERpower to the People!

ENERpower ECD-500 Enormous Power Storage / Power Bank / Li-Ion Generator / 500Wh / 20Ah

General information

Our small, light & flexible energy provider
Do you want to spend a nice time outdoors, mobile, flexible and independently, without losing the comfort of light, communication, media and much more? Without having to put up with the noise, the smell of gasoline and the extra weight of a conventional power generator?
With the new energy storage range from ENERpower you can satisfy your thirst for energy almost everywhere, almost at any time and in almost any situation.

For each model we offer two versions:

  • Outdoor (Type 1): This version has been designed for outdoor and camping use
  • Communication (Type 2): This version has been designed as an "all-arounder" in the field of communication, to support different media and communication devices.

The two versions differ in the selection of connections:


(Type 1)

(Type 2)

# of connections

24V (Charge & Discharge)

1 1

12V CLA („Cigarette lighter“)

2 1


1 1

5V USB 2.1A

1 1

5V USB QC3.0

- 1


- 1


  • 5V USB 1A: for mobile phones, smartphones, GPS devices with maximum input of 1A charging current.
  • 5V USB 2.1A: for mobile phones, smartphones, GPS devices with maximum input of 2.1A charging current.
  • QC3.0: fast charging via USB of the latest phones & smartphones
  • USB-C / PD: fast charging for Smartphone, Tablets & Notebooks like Apple, Dell, ASUS, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba etc. (compare the compatibility of your device with this port)
  • 12V CLA ("cigarette lighter"): for 12V devices such as (for example) lighting systems, 12V coolers, 12V TVs, small 12V hotplates, etc.

Important Features

Some important features make our product clearly superior to similar products:

  • 24V operating voltage: The special feature of our system is the very high operating voltage of 24V (7S). With this, our energy storage is much more robust and does not lose tension with high power consumption. Our product does not step-up, only step-down. The use of external converters 24V to 220V is possible and economical compared to 12V systems.
  • Weight: The ECD-500 is much lighter (only about 3.4 Kg.) than competitors' products, and that's due to the energy density of the Samsung SDI type INR18650-35E Li-Ion battery cells we use.
  • Design: In our product, we take into account the exact number of possible outputs (5V socket, 12V output, 24V output), so that enough power comes out of these outputs. This results in a fairly low self-consumption (3.5W) and very low self-discharge (about 3% per month in off-mode)
  • Made-in-Germany: Our product is made in Germany. The ECD-500 is NOT a stock product, and is made fresh accordingly. Furthermore, you will get a transparent overview of all technical data from us.

With our storage solutions you can spend time outside with the comforts of your own home. Our flexible energy storage offers you the benefits of Li-Ion technology with high energy density, light weight and total silence.

ENERpower to the people - on holiday, only the children and neighbors make noise!


  • Lightweight portable power supplier for DC / AC devices.
  • Advanced lithium-ion technology powers 500Wh (20Ah / 24V)
  • Various connections for numerous applications (see above): 24V DC, CLA connection 12V ("cigarette lighter"), 5V USB
  • 24V operating voltage ensures stable voltage
  • Made with Samsung SDI Li-ion battery cells (INR18650-35E)
  • Robust and lightweight housing reduces weight without losing durability.
  • Illuminated LCD display shows the remaining capacity.
  • Short circuit and overcharge protection
  • Plug-and-play - with easy operation
  • Comes with a suitable charger 29.4V 2A (charging time empty to full: about 11 hours)

Technische Daten

  • Model: ECD 500Wh-20Ah (Type 1 / Type 2)
  • Battery Type: Li-Ion 25.2V - 20Ah (7S6P)
  • Battery Cells: Li-Ion / Samsung SDI INR18650-35E
  • Capacity: 20.1Ah
  • Power: 506Wh
  • Charge Voltage: 29.4V
  • Charge Current: < 7A
  • Connections: see above
  • Operating Temperatures: -20°C~50°C
  • Self consumption in Off-Mode in one month: < 3%
  • Self consumption during operation: 3.5W
  • Weight: approx. 3.4kg
  • Dimensions: 230x100x280 (HxWxL)
  • Display: illuminated LCD

Charger (included in the package)

  • AC Input: 100V AC - 240V AC / 47Hz - 63Hz / 100W DC
  • Output: 29,4V / 2A

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x  Energy Case ECD-500
  • 1 x Charger 29.4V 2A

Important Notice

This product is made in Berlin, Germany, and it is NOT in stock.
We require about 5-7 working days for the production and quality control.

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